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  • Cyprus Hart

Why I Write Romance

So, you might be asking, or maybe not, but I'm assuming you're asking, "Cyprus, why do you write romance?"

What an excellent question! The implication is, perhaps, why am I, a male, writing romance? Shouldn't I be off doing science fiction or fantasy or thrillers or something? To which I answer, I do write those! Okay, not thrillers, that's not a genre I'm interested in, but science fiction and fantasy? Those are genres I grew up reading. I love them. It turns out that I also love writing kissing books, and romance is one of the most flexible genres out there. I can write space kissing, I can write magic kissing, right now I'm writing pirate kissing. Romance can meld with any genre you want, and the only stipulation is that it's gotta have that happy ending.

Happy endings are important to me. Right now, with everything going on in the world, there's nothing I want more than to read two people's struggles to overcome whatever interior or exterior obstacles try to keep them apart. In the end, they overcome them and have their happy ending. Things always work out. They guy gets the girl, the girl gets the guy, whatever genders you'd like to pick from; they get each other. They're happy together.

That's why I write romance. To create happy endings, and hopefully to make my readers feel a bit of that happiness as well.

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