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I am still a fairly new author, although I've wanted to write books since a young age. Writing stories that examine tropes in new and exciting ways is the fuel that kindles my idea-fireplace. I'll grab ahold of a theme and shape an entire book around it. I'll also do whatever I can to get some kissing in there.

I tend to read romances, whether contemporary or paranormal, but I also like fantasy and science-fiction.

I hope something below tickles your interest, and if it doesn't, check back in a few months, because I've got lots of plans for 2021!



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Darkness Within

Book One of the Light Divided Series

Selkie Aideen Duffy has been investigating a cell of rogue creatures, led by the ancient vampire Stefan Costecu, for the past two years. Her job, as part of a secret organization, is to protect humans from things that would send their world into a panic.

When an unsuccessful sting nets her nothing more than Costecu's right-hand man, the seven foot, three hundred pound Dwarf Druain Lindberg, she plans to make the most of the situation.

An uncharacteristic moment of weakness leads to the tables being turnedm and he takes her captive, marching her out of the base with plans to present her to Costecu.

Not everything is as it seems with Druain, however, not least of which is the strange attraction Aideen feels every time his dark eyes sear into hers. 

When Druain offers her a chance to break out of Costecu's dungeons, she'll have to choose between the known danger of torture and the unknown danger of Lindberg's not-so-subtle intentions.

Contemporary Holiday Romances

If you're looking for some lighter fare, these five novellas correspond to five holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentines.

Each one is a sweet yet spicy tale of two people finding love, no matter what obstacles they manage to put in their own way.

If you're missing the holiday vibes, or just want some easy and fun reads, check one out!




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